Why is Animal Crossing so successful?

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Why is Animal Crossing so successful?

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According to data, Nintendo's Animal Crossing game sold 11.77 million copies around March 31, 2020. This is a very early piece of data. The data so far is several times the previous data. Another reason that can explain the sudden popularity of the entire game may be island customization. The player first went from nothing to choosing Buy Animal Crossing Items from the
ACBellsBuy website to complete the construction of a private island. A feature that fully meets people's current requirements for emotional refuge.

Animal Crossing is a small home. It is also a big family. The villager character design inside is also very cute. In particular, New Horizons appeared on a desert island. Players are completely free to modify, utilize and modify when they see fit. For parents, this is also a safe and convenient game. Even young players can choose to Buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells alone. This means that players can decide if they want to do something and how they want to accomplish it. It helps reduce loneliness.

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