Telescope & binoculars for a newbie

Çocuklar/Gençler için Teleskop, dürbün kullanımı hakkında bilgiler. Gözlem yapabilmek için öneriler.
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Re: Telescope & binoculars for a newbie

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Hello Albert,
I bought my first telescope a few mounths ago having questions and conditions just like you. I got Celestron 6SE and I use it both on my garden and I take it to outdoors. It's very easy to setup and align the telescope. I recommend you save up a little more money and buy a telescope with a goto mount because the celestial objects move very fastly, even if you find them in the sky its very hard to track them, they diseppear in a few seconds. Don't worry about learning the night sky, because once you get into the hobby, you definately learn it by the cell phone applications, maps etc. Also to align the telescope, you must know a little bit of the night sky. So you just learn it as you use your telescope. Dobsonians seem a little bulky to carry around but they are good value by the price. so its your choice. I also have binocolars they are good to observe the satellites and international space station as well as the moon and constellations. You can get binocolars first, then a telescope. Keep in mind that you will also spend some money for good eyepieces and maybe barlows and other accessories if you get interested in astrophotography later. So I recommend you spend your money wisely and get good pieces in the first place.
Have a nice one!
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Hello Albert,

Firstly, welcome to Secondly could you introduce yourself? For example where are you from? :roll:
And one more question:
Which level is your astronomy knowledge?

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