How true should a wet saw blade run?

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How true should a wet saw blade run?

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I'm posting this in a separate thread so that people who might not look at my bathroom thread might chime in when they see the title.

Here's the situation:

I'm cutting pretty dense 12" porcelain tile. Budget for a saw is only a couple hundred dollars and I'm buying with plastic, so Craigslist, etc., not an option. I'm on my third saw - had to take the first two back because the blades weren't running true. I could see them visibly "wobbling", and this was before they ever touched a tile, so I know it wasn't from overheating/lack of water.

All saws are 7":

First was the old HD Husky (discontinued). Bought it months ago, just took it out of the box last week. There was visible wobble in the blade. Tried holding the tile down, etc., etc., but just couldn't get consistent cuts without ugly chips. Husky said they could send me replacement flanges, but it might take 12-15 days to reach me, no way I wanted to put my tiling on hold that long, so back it went.

Exchanged it for the Ryobi (I know, I know) table-style. Same thing - blade was out by 1/16" or more. Ryobi said it was most likely the arbor, and to take it back. Gave it back to Homer and went to Lowes, where I picked up the QEP model 60083. Some people from here on the forum have gotten it and liked it. Just took it out of the box, fired it up, and sure enough, I can see the blade's not running straight. Better than the first two, but I can see it's out by. Maybe only a millimeter, but I can see it clearly when the blade slows down.

Is this normal for a lower-end saw? If it is I'll live with it, but it just seems like manufacturers should be able to turn out a saw with straight arbors and flanges, (even for a couple hundred bucks).

BTW, I know I'll get what I pay for, I just want to make sure I'm, uh...getting what I pay for. I don't expect the saw to last forever, cut through porcelain like butter or take a lot of abuse, just to cut some tile for a small bathroom reno without the edges looking like I used a keyhole saw to make my cuts. Oh, and it's not the stock blade, either. I tried that one first just to see if it was straight, then put on a Dewalt XP - no change.

Thanks in advance,
Willie Osgood

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